England defeats Germany in Euro Cup quarterfinals

Euro Cup: The English army defeated the German power in the quarterfinals. England won by two unanswered goals. Raheem Sterling and captain Harry Kane scored the goals.

The first half was goalless. Sterling’s attempt in the 16th minute did not work. German goalkeeper Manuel Neuer had a hard time but the ball bounced off the post. In the 33rd minute, Germany made a similar move. Timo Werner’s shot ends at the feet of English goalkeeper Pickford.

Sterling scored in the 75th minute. Sterling netted a cross shot from Luke Shaw. In the 86th minute, Harry Kane also took the best pass inside the box and put it into the net. Harry Kane got the ball into the net after Greelish got the ball rolling again through Luke Shaw.

The coincidence that all three teams in the death group did not advance to the quarterfinals also came with the departure of Joachim Loew to Germany. In addition to France and Portugal, Germany was eliminated from the Euro Cup.