Elon Musk’s SpaceX Satellites Photograph Skywatchers’ Comet NEOWISE Plans

Skywatchers are certainly not happy with SpaceX satellites because they ruin some of the NEOWISE stellar images.

Conversely, NEOWISE has been the brightest comet in the northern hemisphere since Hale-Bopp’s 1995-96 show.

If we look with the naked eye, the comet appears tiny and quite faint. But, if you see it through the camera, they can get a pretty clear view of it, especially if they have long telephoto lenses.

According to a report published in Live Science, most of the time when photographers click on images of such things in the night sky, they use long exposure times, leaving the camera aperture open to collect light during several seconds.

However, now with SpaceX’s Starlink satellites the images have a brilliant smear.

Previously, SpaceX was held responsible for light pollution in the air. This first happened when the Starlink constellation, which was part of the brand’s plan to provide internet access from orbit, was launched in 2019. At the time, astronomers voiced concerns as to the reflective properties of these devices. Starlink apparently uses a particularly reflective object that can leave shiny traces on the telescope’s sensors and pollute the data.

Alex Parker, a Colorado-based astronomer in the past said, “When we develop new, big facilities, big observatories, big surveys to do things like discover dangerous asteroids, we design them within an inch of their lives. . We do this to make sure that every [risk] is taken into account. “