Elon Musk posts hilarious response as SpaceX launches Falcon 9 for ninth time

“Fly my pretty,” SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said on March 14 as his Falcon 9 rocket, developed by his aerospace company, launched 60 Starlink Internet satellites into orbit in the wee hours of Sunday. Reacting to the video showing Falcon 9, on its ninth flight at 6:01 am Sunday from the Kennedy Space Center, with the satellites located in its nose cone, Musk said “flying…” Sunday’s launch was also the 22nd dedicated to Starlink satellites in lower Earth orbit in order to develop ultra-fast Internet service across the world.

The launch of SpaceX Falcon 9 came after a separate batch of 60 satellites left the Cape Canaveral Space Force station on Thursday as Starlink began to expand its broadband services from the United States to parts of the United Kingdom. , Germany and New Zealand. Musk’s Starlink project has already received positive feedback, the Daily Mail reported while saying its UK customers said there has been a huge leap in internet speed. The service is accessed by the ‘Starlink kit’ which includes a Starlink parabolic Wi-Fi router, power supply, cables and a mounting tripod, but is ‘available to a limited number of users per coverage area’ ‘.

Starlink satellite internet service arrives in India

The super-fast Starlink Internet service, run by Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, is now available in India for pre-orders at $ 99 or around $ 7,000. Starlink Internet will be available in India in 2022 via SpaceX satellites which will be launched into orbit with the aim of providing revolutionary Internet speed at cheaper rates, even in remote areas around the world and benefiting millions of people. people. Starlink’s website said, “Starlink is currently available to a limited number of users per coverage area. Orders will be processed on a first come, first served basis. “

Starlink is a satellite Internet constellation being built in space by Musk’s aerospace company, SpaceX, to provide satellite Internet access. This constellation, as Tesla CEO hopes, will envision thousands of small, mass-produced low-earth orbit satellites that will work in combination with ground-based transceivers.