Electricity Bill: KSEB announces relief schemes

Thiruvananthapuram: KSEB has announced relief schemes in the electricity bill in the wake of the corona expansion. 25% discount on fixed / demand charges for May 2021 for commercial and industrial customers. Movie theaters will get a 50% discount on the fixed / demand charge for May 2021.

These categories will be allowed three times interest free till 30.09.2021 to pay the balance after deducting the concessions given on the fixed / demand charge. If the bill amount is paid in part or in full, it will be adjusted in the subsequent bills, KSEB said in a press release.

For BPL household customers with a connected load of up to 1000 watts and consumption of up to 40 units per month, a rate of Rs. 1.50 per unit as fixed by the State Electricity Regulatory Commission will be allowed for consumers up to 50 units per month.

KSEB also said that the scheme, which provides free electricity with government subsidy to domestic consumers with a connected load of up to 500 watts and an average monthly consumption of only 20 units, will also sensitize household consumers consuming up to 30 units per month.