Ed Woodward humbly resigns as Man United chairman after ESL launch failed

It was clear from the reaction of fans that ESL was not going to have it easy, and it immediately fell apart shortly after its announcement.

We can now prepare for a comedic series of press releases where each club will say they don’t want to do this at all and how much they love the fans etc, but there was no doubt heads would roll in some. high positions. after the humiliation here.

Ed Woodward hasn’t been popular at Old Trafford for quite some time now and there have been calls for him to go for years, but it seems to be the last straw for him as his resignation has been confirmed:

It’s amazing that it took this to unite the football fans of this country, but hopefully something good comes out of it, and you can be pretty sure Woodward isn’t the only one to fall for it. on his sword after that.