E Sreedharan: ‘Tripura BJP captured, chances of victory in Kerala’: E Sreedharan – BJP candidate e sreedharan about kerala assembly election 2021

Palakkad: The left and right fronts are worried whether the BJP will win in Palakkad, one of the most exciting constituencies in the Assembly elections. Fighting in the constituency intensified with Metroman E Sreedharan becoming the BJP candidate. But Sreedharan is confident of winning this time. E Sreedharan said that as a metroman, he would get more votes than the BJP candidate.

Get votes as a metroman

E Sreedharan said that he would get more votes as a metroman than as a BJP candidate. People accepted him as a metroman. The face of the BJP has changed since I arrived. Every time Prime Minister Modi comes, he talks about me. It is believed that the vote share will be 30 per cent this time. Age does not affect intelligence. E Sreedharan said that experience is strength.

There is no doubt that he will win

E Sreedharan clarified that there is no doubt that he will win from Palakkad constituency in the Assembly elections. Needless to say, there was no doubt about the victory in the constituency. The BJP will make a big move this time. Currently, the BJP has more than 17 per cent vote share. He said the BJP could seize power if it gets 10 or 12 per cent of the vote.

E Sreedharan says people’s stand is positive

E Sreedharan said the response from the people was positive. The attitude of the people shows that they can win easily. I could understand this. He expects a big change as people get tired of the left-right fronts. The scams and corruption on both fronts are not yet known. “Then the people can decide what kind of government they want,” Sreedharan said.

‘BJP captured Tripura overnight’

Sreedharan’s words were full of confidence. The BJP captured Tripura overnight. Such an event would happen here. Despite its roots, the Aam Aadmi Party was able to capture Delhi. But the BJP has more roots in Kerala. The people can decide that they want a clean government. Therefore, the BJP is likely to get more votes, said Sreedharan.

Image Credit: Photo: E sreedharan / Facebook