DRS ‘dead ball’ clause under review after Rishabh Pant denies four points

Rishabh Pant was denied a limit because he had been given in error – a decision which was overturned by the DRS – of a ball during his entertaining 77 balls of 40 balls in the 2nd ODI against England Friday.

The pants were given LBW in the 40th after bowler Tom Curran called, but he immediately waved his bat and took an exam. Replays showed there was a thick edge, after which the ball flew over Jos Buttler to the boundary rope. Pant’s dismissal was overturned after that, but a questionable DRS clause saw the four points not added to India’s score, leaving Pant visibly unimpressed.

Clause 3.7 of Annex D of the ICC Conditions of Play, which deals with DRS, reads: “If, following a request for a review by a player, an initial decision to withdraw is changed to no exit, then the ball is still considered dead when the original ball the decision has been made.

It states: “The hitting side, while benefiting from the cancellation of the dismissal, will not benefit from any stroke which could subsequently have accumulated following the delivery if the referee on the field had initially taken place. . “

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“Something to consider,” was the verdict of on-air commentators.

A little later, Pant was again given in error, and he again overturned the decision with a review. He then smashed a 77 of 40 balls before getting caught deep. India finished with 336/6 in their 50 overs.