Do you spy on your partners online? Here is the shocking study report out there

Do you have a tendency to monitor your partners’ online activities without their knowledge? If so, 74% of people in India are spying online, according to a new study. Norton Life Lock’s study finds that people, including adults, monitor their partner’s or girlfriend’s online activity. Cybersecurity firm Norton’s 2021 ‘Norton Cyber ​​Safety Insight Report’ has been released. The main purpose of the first sneak peek is to unknowingly check the search history on their partner’s phone or computer.

It is estimated that 32 percent of those involved do so. 31% of people check phone calls, emails, photos and partner messages. About 29% of travelers use location apps to track the time and place of their partner. At the same time, 26% of people say that they check their phone with the knowledge of their partner. But Norton reports that 25 percent of people unknowingly monitor their partner’s phone using other apps. 39% say they do it for the mental and physical safety of their partner.

At the same time, 36 percent say it is to find out what the partner is doing. 33% agree that their partner is watching them. But it is not wrong to know whether a person is online or what his activity is from his public data.

More than half of the adults in India are sneaking their current or ex-girlfriend or boyfriend and partner into everything that is going on in their cyber world. They do this in the belief that they will not be caught. The finding is that 51 percent are not afraid to be watched by someone online. According to the survey, 32 per cent of people are unaware of other technologies to monitor, such as stackware and cryptware.

ENGLISH SUMMARY: Do you spy on your partners online? Here is the shocking study report
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