‘Do you have the goods in your hands, do you have the goods in your hands …’ A ‘chat’ story in gold smuggling | Gold smuggling

Cochin : ‘I’ve got the stuff in hand, here I go …’ Thank you, thank you very much … just do it. This is a peace … ‘

CID in the movie ‘Akkare Akkare Akkare …’ starring Mohanlal and Sreenivasan. This is not the code ‘Do you have the goods in hand …’ dialog. It is a ‘chat’ of gold smuggling gangs centered around Thiruvananthapuram Airport. The group, which was created in the Telegram app to exchange secret messages, was sent to ‘CPM. The name of the package was ‘Committee’ and the package of gold was ‘Sadhanam’. The names of the committee members were Soosapakyam (PS Sarith), Hello (KT Ramis) and San Francis (Sandeep Nair). It was through this telegram group that the ‘live’ information of the gold smuggling was transmitted.

Remis will send a message sending gold from the UAE. It contains information about the amount of gold and in whose name it is. The chat will continue till the gold is received from the Thiruvananthapuram airport. The Telegram Group was formed by Sandeep on the instructions of Ramis. The airway bill number and authorization letter of the diplomatic baggage sending the gold were all handed over to the group.

A telegram chat that once took place as part of a gold smuggling operation

Sarith: ” Fifty kilos notification was received. Now you have to understand that (meant for the Consul General). That is the difficulty. Fifty kilos should be explained. ”

Ramis: ” All you have to do is go straight to your house with the box. Ask them to pick up all the necessary items. That is how he can be trusted. Ask them to open the goods completely. OK … there are three things. ”

Sandeep: “Rameez bhai, I think it would be better to reduce the level (size) of the box to the main one.”

Ramis: ” Just take those two big things. You do not have the permission required to post.

Ramis: ” There’s nothing as terrifying as you can see. The photo was taken. This is a normal box. If you have a Land Cruiser or Innova, you will be fine. No issues. Isn’t the weight of the product going to increase from now on? That’s what I’m sending. “

Sarith: “Jamal Hussain Alsabi is also mentioned in the bill of entry which came last in the sender name. Alsabi is also the receiver here. Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys ………..

This is Sarith’s message after receiving the gold days later. ‘The goods were delivered and received on hand. I’m getting off … ‘