Do not marry before the age of 30; The reason the mother says so, says Alaya

Alaya F, 23, daughter of former Bollywood actress Pooja Bedi, has made her Bollywood debut. Alaya has now opened up about what was the biggest piece of advice her mother gave her.

In this country where there are parents who force their children to get married, my parents think quite the opposite. Alaya says her mother says that if you get married before the age of thirty, it is the biggest stupidity in life.

Alaya says her father and mother also talk about the importance of achieving financial independence.

Alaya said her parents tell her to focus on her career and work, and focus on raising yourself. After her divorce from businessman Farhan, Pooja Bedi raised her two children alone. Alaya has previously spoken openly about her parents’ divorce.

Alaya said he was five years old when his mother and father separated, but his childhood was very happy.

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Last Updated 31, Dec 2020, 8:20 PM