Do Mother have to give up their dreams? Ahaana Krishna Opens Up And Came With An Explanation | Does the mother have to give up all dreams? Ahana Krishna speaks openly about what she learned from school

I saw such a comment under my mother’s YouTube channel. It affected me and I was very worried. A mother giving up her dreams and goals for the sake of the family is considered a great achievement of the society. Feeling proud when you remember that. Ahana asks how it can become a disease.

I do not blame the person who made this comment. Because we all have the right to think this way. The father is the winner and Anna. The mother is the soul and heart of the family who sacrifices themselves for the welfare of the family. We are going to study in a school with a text book that teaches. It teaches A, B, C, and D when a child is four or five years old.

This kind of nonsense teaches us along with teaching the national anthem, pledge and other basics. Mom-Dad, Brother-Sister, Boyfriend-Girlfriend, Wife-Husband, and so on, whatever roles we play in life, you are basically a human being. Made of flesh and bone and capable of pursuing desires and dreams. Do not let anyone convince you of that.

Do not greet your mothers the next time you see them renouncing their joys or dreams. Remind them to love and dream for themselves instead. Understand the reality that loving their aspirations and giving up your dreams is not the solution to make those around you happy. With a little thought and effort you can pave the way for everything.

A big salute to everyone who loves, respects and values ​​their dreams. Follow their desires and make yourself happy. Those who bring happiness all around can do all this. If I have a primary goal in life, it is to match all the qualifications mentioned above. Ahana stops saying that every day.