diya mirza opens up | Diya Mirza’s answer to the question, “Why was the information about her pregnancy not revealed before marriage?”

diya mirza opens up

Actress Jiah Mirza recently shared with fans that she is married. The beautiful picture from the Maldives had captured the minds of the fans. At the same time, criticism was high. Some commented that she got married suddenly because she was pregnant. Some commented that Diya should have been told she was pregnant before marriage. The actress is now explaining why she did not talk about pregnancy before marriage.

Diya says she did not disclose the pregnancy information due to health reasons. The actress also clarified that pregnancy is not related to marriage. Diya is the man who tried to break the stereotype by bringing in a female priest. Then why not disclose the fact that she was pregnant before marriage? Was the question of a fan.

The actor replied as follows; Great question, first of all, we decided to get married not because we had children together. We have been married ever since we wanted to live together. It is in the midst of discussions about marriage that one learns about having children. So this marriage is not the result of pregnancy. The announcement was not made because she was not sure if the pregnancy was safe. This is the happiest news of my life. I have been waiting for this to happen for years. I will not cover this for any reason other than health reasons. Diya Marsa said.