Director of Actors – KERALA – GENERAL


Good man, good director, this is the title best suited for the talented director Adoor Gopalakrishnan. A director who is not angry with the actors. I have wondered how this is possible. And asked directly once. Then the answer was a faint smile.

Swayamvaram is said to be the beginning of a new wave of cinema in Malayalam. Swayamvaram acted decades ago but those memories cannot be forgotten. The National Award for Best Actress came to me spontaneously. And the National Award for Best Director for him. Swayamvaram was selected as the best Indian film.

Adoor Gopalakrishnan is the director of the cast. He knows how to cast them. His style is very systematic. Those who are a part of Adoor cinema know that. After Swayamvaram, he acted in Elippathayam. Elipathayam has a little more liking than Swayamvaram. Excellent filmmaking. A film that always exemplifies. Rajamma in Elippathayam, which he created, was a character with a lot of acting potential. She was from a life environment that I was completely unfamiliar with. I asked him about it.

But it is clear that I saw the character of Adoor Sir Rajamma in me. There are those who say that I was able to show new levels of acting through those two films.