Dinosaurs killing an asteroid formed Amazon forests

Dinosaurs ruled the Earth millions of years ago. On land, in water, and even in the sky, there was at least one dinosaur, or distant relative who ruled the food chains.

Then an asteroid hit Earth 66 million years ago and all hell broke loose. The domination of dinosaurs ended with 75% of plants and animals. This paved the way for mammals, and then humans, to be dominant.

But now, researchers say the catastrophic impact of the asteroids was responsible for the formation of the Amazon rainforests as they are today. The asteroid had struck near the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, near the Amazon rainforests.

We know that the Amazon rainforests are extremely important to the global ecosystem.

A research paper titled “Late Cretaceous Extinction and the Origin of Modern Neotropical Tropical Forests” produces the result of the analysis of thousands of fossils of pollen, spores and leaves. These fossils are between 50 and 70 million years old.

The study concluded that the impact of asteroids has a huge effect on the development of the tropical rainforest. One of the authors of the article was even quoted as saying that the impact had changed the “ecological and evolutionary trajectory” of these forests. The study was published in the journal ‘Science’

It’s true what they say, life struggles even in the face of disaster.