Digital India 6th anniversary: ​​Paytm to offer Rs 50 crore cashback, guaranteed cashback on each transaction | Paytm Cashback offer: Paytm with bumper offer, cashback guarantee for every transaction .. !!

Mumbai: Paytm with a cashback offer of Rs 50 crore, guaranteed cashback on all transactions made by merchants and customers … !!

Digital India (Digital India) The popular digital payment app is nearing completion of six years (Digital Payment App) Comes with Paytm Guaranteed Cashback Offer‌. Cashback on transactions made by merchants and customers as part of the offer (Cashback) The company has set aside Rs 50 crore for this purpose.

Now, the company has made it clear that users will get cashback on all transactions made through the Paytm application. This benefit is also available to those who make a payment by scanning the QR code.

Last year, the company released the All in one QR Code. The PayM app can be used to scan the QR code of any UPI app and make payments.

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Paytm has also launched a special initiative for merchants using the digital payment application. Merchants who make the most transactions through the Paytm app will receive certificates and exciting rewards from Paytm.

The popular digital payment app Paytm is gearing up to celebrate the sixth anniversary of Digital India with the Central Government and the people … !!

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