‘Didn’t you pack your bag?’; Question from Saudi Airlines, hopeful expats

Riyadh സാഹചര്യത്തിൽ ‘Didn’t pack all your bags?’ In case international flights suspended due to Kovid are not restored. Expatriates in Saudi Arabia have expressed hope in the question of Saudi Airlines. Earlier it was announced that all restrictions on air service would be lifted on May 17, but in Kovid’s second wave, the expatriate’s reaction was that the airline’s question could not be alleviated as the virus spread.

The pain of many expatriates is indescribable, as they are not able to return home comfortably during Ramadan or those stranded in Saudi Arabia. That is the prayer of this holy month. Meanwhile, the Saudi Authority of Civil Aviation has given a promising answer to a question related to the resumption of air travel. The GACA said in a circular that all services would resume on May 17 (Shawwal 5). It should be noted that this is not the case.

Adding to the wait is the fact that direct flights from India to Saudi Arabia have not yet been reinstated since the imposition of international air travel restrictions. The demand for the air bubble deal remains the same. At the same time, the growing number of Kovid victims in India is a major concern for expatriate Indians. Although India has been on the travel ban list from the beginning, Saudi expatriates have returned through the UAE. The closure of the Marm and the difficulty of traveling through countries including Oman has left Saudi expats confused. Currently the only reliance is on travel via Bahrain. Every passenger is worried about when this will stop. Those who chose to travel through Nepal and the Maldives as a relatively economically viable option also suffered a lot of mental anguish associated with NOC.


The Malayalee family arrived in Saudi after 70 days

Despite this, every expatriate who arrives in Saudi Arabia says that the 14-day quarantine outside of Saudi Arabia after leaving India is a heart attack. The family of three from Arikot, Saudi Arabia, who work in Saudi Arabia, arrived in Saudi Arabia 70 days after leaving home. I know the adventure of the journey when the head of the family shares it with great sorrow. According to Saudi Arabia, the UAE has been added to the list of countries whose travels have been canceled due to expiration. He stayed in the UAE for a few days in the hope that the situation would change. He said his wife and children were confused as to what to do when the official order finally came that the Indians should return home. They later bought tickets to Bahrain. But in the wake of the experience in the UAE, the family was devastated by the decision. The solution was as follows: He took a two-week leave from work in Saudi Arabia and returned to Bahrain with his wife and children.

They met in Dammam after a 14 – day stay in Bahrain, traveling by road in a taxi from Bahrain to Riyadh, 500 km away. The wait on the Saudi-Bahrain border causeway was not as long as expected. Now you have to run to Riyadh without any obstacles.

In Saudi via Bahrain


This is not just one person’s experience. There are those who return home from Dubai and return to Saudi Arabia via Bahrain. Many came to Riyadh and returned, unable to leave due to technical reasons, on the understanding that they could go directly to Saudi Arabia for the benefit of those working in medical institutions. This misery of the expatriates is something that should be known only by experiencing it briefly. Although the word ‘misery’ is associated with expatriates, there are no words to describe the current plight of Kovid, work, family and travel problems.

Expatriates eyeing May 17th

At the same time, Indians, including Malayalees, are waiting to see if India will be on the list even if international travel resumes on May 17 without any restrictions. Saudi expatriates are praying that Dubai would at least be on the list of countries to lift air bans. Still, barriers, including immunizations, cannot rule out the possibility of becoming a condition for international travel.