Did Sai hit Sajina’s body in the task? You can see the scene where the game changes direction

The incident that led up to the biggest controversy and slump in Bigg Boss Season Three during last week’s weekly task. Sajina complained to Bigg Boss that Sai had beaten her. Sai had allegedly assaulted Sajina, a police guard, while she was protecting gems taken from the ground during her weekly task, Gold Crop and Soil.

Many people see things differently in this regard. Some people say that Sajina Uyarthi is an unnecessary complaint about the seizure that took place during the task. Others said that Sai played the game by harassing the girl. Anyway Bigg Boss has cut the weekly task and luxury ration with this event.

During the discussion, Manikuttan, Feroz and Anoop all ask to see the scenes. None of the contestants could clearly see what happened there during the race. It is in this context that Feroz has come forward with a complaint that his wife was abused. Bigg Boss has not yet commented on the matter.

Meanwhile, in Bigg Boss fan groups, Sai and Sajina are the talk of the town. The debate is over who is to blame for this incident. Bigg Boss has released footage of that time specifically during such discussions. In the video released on YouTube, Sai does not appear to be beating Sajina, but it is clear that the seizure is taking place. The contestants and the audience are hoping that Bigg Boss himself will make it clearer in this regard.

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Last Updated Mar 4, 2021, 7:04 PM IST