Dhoni captained by Sachin Tendulkar: Sharad Pawar

Mumbai: Former BCCI president Sharad Pawar has said that MS Dhoni was made the captain of the Indian cricket team on the instructions of Sachin Tendulkar. Pawar said Tendulkar had suggested Dhoni’s name in 2007 when Rahul Dravid announced his resignation as captain.

During the 2007 tour of England, Dravid announced that he was stepping down as captain to focus more on batting. With this, Tendulkar was asked to take over the captaincy. Sharad Pawar, who was the BCCI president from 2005 to 2008, said that Sachin Tendulkar had been nominated for the captaincy.

Dhoni is the winner

Under Dhoni’s leadership, India won three ICC titles (2007 T20 World Cup, 2011 ODI World Cup and 2013 Champions Trophy). He led Team India in 200 ODIs, 72 T20s and 60 Tests. The team has won 27 Tests, 110 ODIs and 41 T20 Internationals.

Dhoni, who made his international debut in December 2004, has played in 90 Tests, 350 ODIs and 98 Twenty20 Internationals. He retired from Test cricket in 2014 and from other formats on August 15, 2020. He scored 10,773 runs in ODIs, 1617 runs in Twenty20s and 4876 runs in Tests. Dhoni also has a lot of wicket-keeping achievements.

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Last Updated Mar 8, 2021, 7:32 PM IST