‘DGP should listen’, Ashoka has a wish in copper full of trolls


Kochi, First Published Jul 1, 2021, 2:20 PM IST

Anil Kant has been appointed as the new police chief of the state. Later, his alias also filled the social media. When Loknath Behra became the DGP, Shaji was the one who filled the field, but this time the actor is Chembil Ashokan. Asokan became a shining star on social media by wearing a khaki shirt and standing as a mass. Now, Chembil Asokan is opening his mind to Asianet News Online about the unexpected praise he received.

Ashoka’s words on copper

When Loknath Behra became the DGP, it became impossible to identify who the stone Shaji was and who Behra was. I really enjoyed it. A friend calls me and says a troll has landed. But I did not care. It was due to a shot in Sathyan Anthikkad’s New Shores. From 2017 onwards, it would come up on social media with special captions. I didn’t care that it was. But again the friend called and said take a look. That is when Anilkant saw Sir. He was unable to sit or stand. It seemed like a big surprise. It was a colorful sight when I told him I had a resemblance to him. It became a situation where I could not trust myself.

Now I have a few minor differences. But if my figure is old, he and I are correct. Just look at the photo. The spot has a good height. I think that’s the only difference between us. I am very happy that Anil Kant has compared me to Saru. Seeing all this, it seems like an inspiration.

There was a wedding yesterday. When he reached home after that, his wife said, “I heard that the present copper is not Ashoka, but the old copper is Ashoka Pakka.” Everyone is happy. We have nothing to lose. Kovida is not working, he is hungry but it is a great pleasure to see all this.

I really want to see Sir Anil Kant. I do not know where to go and how to see. The thought now is to go directly and see if you can go. Audiences do not want to talk to movie stars like Mammootty, Mohanlal and Chackochan. That is a condition I have now. I think any channel will give me a chance to see him live.

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