DGP says it is a crime to make a phone call using Bluetooth while driving Kerala | Deshabhimani

Thiruvananthapuram: State police chief Anil Kant has said that it is a crime to make phone calls using Bluetooth / hands free devices while driving. The DGP said in a press conference that action would be taken against such persons.

The Department of Motor Vehicles’ announcement that the license will be revoked if the phone is used with Bluetooth while driving was discussed. The explanation is that phone conversations with the help of Bluetooth are also criminal. Earlier, the case was registered only if the phone spoke to the ear. This is because talking on the phone with the speaker in the vehicle can cause accidents.

Although there is a provision in the Motor Vehicle Act against this, it was not implemented citing practical difficulties. The phone can be connected to the music system of the vehicle using Bluetooth. It is not difficult to talk through this. However, officials of the Department of Motor Vehicles have advised that the driver may be distracted while driving and therefore avoid talking using Bluetooth.

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