Delay in work on bypass: Minister blasts contractors | siraj daily

Kozhikode | Public Works Minister Mohammad Riyaz has lashed out at the contractors for delaying the widening of the Ramanattukara-Vengalam bypass road. Information about the work must be provided to the Collector within two hours. Otherwise, the contract will be canceled, the minister warned. The minister was responding at a meeting convened on the Ramanattukara-Vengalam bypass road. The department has sent letters 28 times to fill potholes in the existing road. No action was taken. In this case, the minister warned that legal action would be taken in case of accidents on the road following the pit.

The high-level meeting decided that the non-operation of the pit and pit due to the problem related to the contract would not be tolerated in any way. It is also proposed to complete the repairs immediately. He also directed to cut down the trees that need to be cut down immediately. A meeting will be held in Thiruvananthapuram with the participation of National Highways Authority officials to decide on the matters related to the contract.

Ministers AK Sasindran, Ahmed Devar Kovil, Mayor Beena Philip, MPs MK Raghavan and MV Roshams Kumar were present. The Kozhikode Bypass Six Line is a project contracted in April 2018. But the construction work has not taken place due to problems with the contracting company. Also, the existing road is full of potholes.