Defendants not found: Home unauthorized transactions and blueprint making

Kottayam : Investigation team without any clue about the culprits in the incident where two persons were hacked to death in a house in Kottayam city center. There is clear evidence that the rent was centered on illicit transactions and blueprint making.

Police found a camera stand and a mobile stand in the house where the violence took place. Mobile phones are to be found, including those of the injured. The investigation team concluded that the camera and phones may have been taken by the attackers. The attack is believed to have been triggered by a dispute over illicit transactions. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

The victims were identified as San Joseph and Ameer Khan, both residents of Ettumanoor. They are being treated at Kottayam Medical College Hospital. Their position is that they do not know the attackers or why they were attacked. Police believe that only the injured have clear information about the violence and the culprits. Their non-disclosure has adversely affected the investigation. Further questioning can only be done after discharge from the hospital.

The Ponkunnam resident, who was at home at the time of the incident, has confessed to the police that there were unethical transactions there. They found pictures of several girls and young women on their phones and WhatsApp messages sent by customers. Their position is that they do not know about the perpetrators. According to the woman, she entered the room and slammed the door but did not recognize the assailants.

Neither the police nor other traders were aware of the operation. It was only after the attack that the outside world came to know about the center of the city center. The woman who was at home was leading the transactions. Many sent photos of the girls from their mobile phones. It is learned that many of them have acted as co-stars in the film.

It has been reported that the girls and their clients were taken to the house where the attack took place for ill-treatment and the girls were shown to the needy by showing pictures. Police are investigating whether the woman and the injured were linked to some other big racket. Kottayam DySP M Anilkumar, Kottayam West Police Inspector KS The investigation is being led by Vijayan.