Dedicated to Green Service: Nattu Visesham

The Green Army released the gangs

Saturday, July 3, 2021 12:19 AM IST

Nemmara: The governing body of the Green Army members in the panchayat is a technical body. Dismissed by the party. P. Demonstration in front of the Panchayat Office under the leadership of the M Local Committee തത്തി. A team of 12 women with the aim of making the panchayat a clean city. The army was appointed by the previous governing body. The Green Board was present at the Panchayat Governing Body meeting held last day. UDF members demand dismissal of members Posted at the meeting.

This is not the case. P. M. Dharna by K. Babu in front of the Panchayat office. In M.A. A. Inaugurated. Panchayat Vice President C. Prakashan presided over the function. Former Panchayat President K. Preman, K .; Narayanan, T .; G. Speakers like Ajith Kumar, Ushara Veendran and Lathikarama Chandra. Gichu.