Dean Kuriakose MP’s trip and shooting with YouTuber; The investigation has begun Controversial Edamalakkudy Journey Of Dean Kuriakose MP And Youtuber

Munnar: DFO to probe YouTuber shooting in protected forest area to Idamalakkudi in violation of Kovid norms. PR Suresh gave the order. Munnar Ranger S Harindrakumar is in charge of the investigation. The action is based on media reports. It will be investigated whether the shooting in the protected forest area and the entry of Idamalakkudi, which is forbidden to visitors, violated the norms.

It will also look into the lifestyle of the adivasis and whether they were recorded on video. Information will be sought from the MP as well. Sujith Bhaktan, a YouTuber, entered Idamalakkudi last Sunday with Dean Kuriakose MP. The Munnar DFO is only for MPs to go to Idamalakkudi where outsiders can enter. Permitted by.

In Idamalakkudi, where not a single person was affected by the Kovid, the maximum number of people was allowed to go as per the Kovid norms. But at the tribal school, the TV was on. It is alleged that he went with the MP with the intention of shooting pictures of the protected forest area and tribals and disseminating them through a YouTube channel in the name of giving. The first part of the video was released on Monday. The AIYF has called for an inquiry into the incident. The activists also lodged a complaint with the DySP and the sub-collector.

MP with explanation.

Dean Kuriakose MP with an explanation on the controversy. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture, and that his confession had been obtained through torture. Sujith Bhaktan, a YouTuber, came to Idamalakkudi after being informed that he would provide educational assistance.

As a Member of Parliament, he can decide who to take with him. Permission from the Forest Department is not required. The team reached Idamalakkudi after Kovid checked and confirmed that there was no disease. No standards were violated. The MP said that only the school function and the journey to Idamalakkudi were filmed. Said.

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