Dale Steyn apology: IPL was just amazing: Dale Steyn apologizes after sparking criticism over IPL vs PSL comparison

Apologies from Dale Steyn IPL

Apologies from Dale Steyn IPL


  • South African stimulator Dale Steyn took to Twitter to apologize
  • Steyn had previously described playing in leagues like PSL and LPL more rewarding than playing in IPL
  • In her apologies, Steyn said IPL had been amazing for her career and her remark was taken out of context.

Legendary South African stimulator Dale Steyn, who had made himself unavailable for the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2021, made a big statement saying that tournaments like the Pakistan Super League (PSL) and the Lankan Premier League (LPL) ) were more rewarding compared to the IPL where he said cricket takes a backseat and the focus is more on the price of a cricketer.

“I wanted some free time. I found playing in those other leagues a bit more rewarding as a player. I think when you go to IPL there are so many big teams and so many big names and so much emphasis maybe on how much money the players make and everything in there so sometimes, somewhere on the line cricket is forgotten, ”Steyn said. cited by Cricket Pakistan.

After being criticized from all sides, Steyn took to Twitter to issue an apology in which he said the IPL was amazing in his career and he apologized for his remarks which had upset many.

“IPL has been nothing short of amazing in my career, as well as for other players. My words were never meant to be degrading, insulting or likened to leagues. Social media and words out of context can often do this. . My apologies if this has bothered anyone. Lots of love, “he tweeted.