Dale Steyn apologizes after ‘PSL more rewarding’ comment: IPL has been just amazing in my career

South African coach Dale Steyn clarified his comments in which he said world T20 tournaments like the Pakistan Super League (PSL) are more rewarding than the Indian Premier League (IPL). Giving the reasons for his statement, Steyn had said cricket takes the backseat because of the extra money involved in the IPL.

The point guard on Wednesday apologized and said his comments were never intended to degrade, insult or compare IPL to any other league. He blamed social media and added that his comments were misinterpreted.

“IPL has been nothing short of amazing in my career, as well as for other players. My words were never meant to be degrading, insulting or likened to leagues. Social media and words out of context can often do this. . My apologies if this has bothered anyone. Lots of love, “he wrote.

Dale Steyn had chosen not to participate in the 2021 IPL auction held in Chennai on February 18. In his January tweet, he made it clear that he would not appear for another franchise either.

What did Dale Steyn say about PSL and IPL?

“I wanted some free time. I found playing in those other leagues a bit more rewarding as a player. I think when you go to IPL, there are such great teams and so many big names and so much emphasis on maybe the amount of money the players make and everything in between, so sometimes, somewhere on the line cricket is forgotten, ”Steyn said.

“When it comes to liking a PSL or the Sri Lankan Premier League, for that matter, there is an importance on cricket. I’ve only been here a few days and have had people in and out of my room just wanting to know where I played and how I did it.

“So what, when I go to something like IPL that’s forgotten and the main topic is how much money did you spend on that IPL?” It’s just me who am brutally honest. I wanted to stay away from that and really put more emphasis on the game and bring some good vibes to good cricket teams and tournaments that I think are worth it, ”he added.