Customs to appear with Arjun Ayanki’s wife; Crucial evidence was found from the house

Kannur: Customs has directed the wife of Arjun Ayanki, accused in the Karipur gold smuggling case, to appear for questioning. The instruction is to reach the office in Kochi on Monday. Customs said they had obtained crucial evidence from Arjun’s house.

It is learned that the documents obtained from the house could prove that he was involved in gold smuggling. Customs said it had received digital evidence. Meanwhile, Arjun Ayanki corrected the statement that the phone was lost. The first statement was that the phone was lost while removing the car from the deserted field. However, the new statement said that the phone was not lost and was thrown into the nearby Valapattanam river.

Arjun says that he came to Karipur to buy money and not to steal gold. Customs suspects that Arjun is trying to escape from the case by admitting his role in the unsubstantiated case. Customs inspections are still going on at Arjun’s house.



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