Customs says Arjun is the mastermind behind gold smuggling; Arjun Ayanki says he is not a party member

Kochi: Customs says Arjun Ayanki is the mastermind behind the Ramanattukara gold smuggling. Customs told the court that WhatsApp messages and audio recordings were evidence of this. Customs said this in a custody application. Customs said Arjun was not cooperating with the investigation.

He was remanded in custody for two more weeks. Customs said Sagesh was Arjun’s benefactor. Arjun knew that Shafiq had gold in his possession. Customs said it was clear from Shafiq’s statement. But Arjun Ayanki denied the allegations of the customs.

Arjun claimed that Shafiq owed him Rs 15,000 to Ramis, a local and friend of Arjun’s, and that he had come to the Karipur airport to buy it. The media itself is on the hunt. Arjun told the media that he was innocent in the case and that 90 per cent of the allegations leaked were false.

Arjun said he was not a CPM member and would prove his innocence. No need to drag the party into this. Arjun said he had not been associated with the party for a long time. Arjun’s response was on his way to the Ernakulam General Hospital for a medical examination from the customs office.