Customs brought Arjun Ayanki to Kannur for evidence collecting in Ramanattukara Gold Smuggling Case | Arjun Ayanki was brought to Kannur for evidence and finding the phone is crucial

Kannur: Arjun Ayanki to be brought to Kannur for evidence in Ramanattukara gold smuggling case Arjun was brought to Kannur for evidence. Azhikode will be taken to Arjun’s house and evidence will be taken. The customs left for Kannur with Arjun at 3.30 am.

The most crucial thing in the case is to find Arjun’s phone. This is the only way to get call details. At the same time, Arjun is adamant that he has not smuggled gold.

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The case cannot be registered against Arjun only with the statements of the accused arrested in the case. Arjun’s custody is till the sixth day. If there is no significant progress in the case, customs will have to look for other ways.

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Based on the statement of DYFI Chembilot Regional Secretary C Sajesh, the owner of the Swift car used by Arjun, the customs will check the car related matters and Arjun’s transactions in Kannur.

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