‘Creepy’: MIT Scientists Create Music From Spider Web Structure

If you’ve ever wondered what a spider web looks like, scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the United States have found the answer.

In an attempt to better understand how arachnids spin webs and communicate, several MIT scientists have transformed the structure of a spider’s web into musical notes.

Markus Buehler, an engineering professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, told the news agency Reuters that he and his team created 3D models of cobwebs when arachnids were doing different things such as building, repairing, hunting, and feeding.

After listening to the pattern of the spider signals, they created sounds for them using computers and mathematical algorithms.

Check it out here:

“We recorded these vibrations from the spiders and used artificial intelligence to learn these vibrational patterns and associate them with certain actions, basically learning the language of the spider,” he added.

While many of those who stumbled upon the video found the soundtrack strange, others were mesmerized. Take a look at some of the reactions here:

Along with sonication, Buehler hopes it would help humans understand the language of a spider and one day communicate with them.