Cow Shield is not EU approved; ‘Vaccine Passport’ will not be issued National | Deshabhimani

New Delhi
Covshield is off the European Union Medical Agency (EMA) list of vaccines approved Those who have taken the Cow Shield will not currently receive a ‘Green Pass’, a ‘vaccine passport’ for traveling without restrictions in EU countries. This is a setback for Indians who hope to travel to EU countries soon.

The EMA explained that the Serum Institute, the makers of the wax, had not been approached for approval by Covshield. At the same time, Oxford, the same breed as Kovshield, has been approved by AstraSeneca ‘Waxevria’ EMA. Other vaccines approved by the EMA are Komirnati (Pfizer), Spikevax (Modena) and Jansen.

Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan said the EU’s provision was discriminatory. Adar Punewela, CEO of the Serum Institute, said the issue should be resolved at the diplomatic level.

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