covid lockdown kerala: kovid-19: complete lockdown in the state today and tomorrow – today and tomorrow kerala complete lockdown


  • Private buses do not run.
  • KSRTC will run limited services only
  • Parcels will not be allowed in hotels but only home delivery will be allowed

Kochi: A complete lock down in Kerala today and tomorrow. Concessions are available only to those in the essential sector. Private buses do not run. At the same time, KSRTC will run only limited services.

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Parcels will not be allowed in hotels but only home delivery will be allowed. Those in the construction sector are allowed to report to the police station in advance. But there is no change to the exams that have been announced to be held today and tomorrow.

According to the Lockdown guidelines, people are not allowed to enter places of worship today and tomorrow. Meanwhile, it is reported that the decision to allow prayers on Sundays will be taken at a review meeting chaired by the Chief Minister today.

Last week, the government decided not to make further concessions in view of the fact that the TPR remained above ten for eight days.

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Works today,

It operates food, grocery, fruit, vegetable, milk, fish and meat shops, toddy shops, hotels, restaurants and bakeries. It is open from 7 am to 7 pm.