Covid deaths peak 300 for the first time in 2021, cases peak 163 days | India News

Daily deaths from the Covid-19 pandemic in India crossed the 300 mark for the first time in 2021, with 312 deaths recorded on Saturday, the highest since December 24.
Active cases in India, currently at around 4.85 lakh, are expected to cross the 5 lakh mark on Sunday. The number rose from a record 90,000 in three days and is expected to post the fastest rise of one lakh (four days) if it exceeds 5 lakh on Sunday.
India recorded 62,608 new cases on Friday, slightly more than the previous day’s total of 62,336, according to the TOI database. This is the highest daily increase since October 15. Fifteen states posted their highest daily counts since or before January, with Chhattisgarh becoming the third state after Maharashtra and Punjab to record more than 3,000 cases per day in March.
The seven-day moving average of daily cases has nearly doubled over the past 10 days, from 27,004 on March 17 to 53,198 on March 27, indicating an explosive growth in infections. Of the 312 deaths reported in the past 24 hours, Maharashtra made up more than half of the count, reporting 166 deaths on Saturday, the state’s highest since November 5. Punjab reported 46 deaths, Kerala 14, Chhattisgarh 13, and Delhi and Madhya Pradesh 10 each.
Maharashtra also recorded more than 35,000 new cases (35,726) for the third day in a row, although the number was slightly lower than Friday’s record increase of 36,902. The state has added more than 5 lakh cases in March so far. Mumbai added 6,130 cases, the city’s highest one-day addition ever.
Infections rose in Chhattisgarh, which reported 3,162 new cases on Saturday, the highest single-day case count in the state since September 28. Meanwhile, Gujarat continued to post its highest daily tally for the sixth day in a row. The state recorded 2,276 cases on Saturday. A third of the total number of cases reported in Gujarat in 2021 occurred in the past 10 days alone.
More than a dozen other states / union territories recorded their highest figures since January or before. Karnataka has reported 2,886 new cases, the highest since November 6, while Tamil Nadu’s tally topped 2,000, with the state posting 2,089 new cases, the highest since November 12.
Madhya Pradesh has registered 2,142 cases, the highest since September 27, while Delhi has registered 1,558 (the highest since December 15) and Haryana, 1,383 (the highest since December 9). ).