COVID-19: WhatsApp Releases ‘Vaccines for All’ Sticker Pack

WhatsApp has released a new set of stickers in partnership with the World Health Organization (WHO) called “Vaccines for All”. This was done to raise awareness of the ongoing COVID-19 vaccination campaign in the country and to appreciate the efforts of health workers.

The new “Vaccines for All” stickers launched by WhatApp are a collection of 23 distinct and unique stickers. The stickers have been made available to all WhatsApp users including Android and iPhone users.

These stickers provide a fun and creative way for people to connect and privately express the feeling of joy, relief and hope after sharing information related to COVID-19 vaccines.

Digital Channels, WHO team leader Andy Pattison reportedly said the new sticker launch was trying to encourage more and more people to come forward and get vaccinated against the disease.

COVID-19 helplines created on WhatsApp have also started offering information on vaccines and registration.

“We want to help governments and international organizations connect as many people around the world as possible to vaccine information and services, especially those in hard-to-reach places or in marginalized groups. We’ve also waived the fees for sending messages through our WhatsApp Business API, ”WhatsApp said in its statement.

How to send the stickers

Open WhatsApp on your Android or iOS phone, then open the chat window or the WhatsApp group you want to send the stickers to.

On iOS, tap the sticker icon next to the type box. You will see both GIF and Stickers option, tap on the latter. Now select the “+” icon, following which you will see the “Vaccines for all” pack. You just have to tap on the download option and you are good to go.

On Android, tap the emoji icon and select the stickers option. Next, tap the “+” icon, download the new sticker pack, and you’re done. Once the new WhatsApp “ Vaccines for All ” sticker pack is installed, you can easily start sending them to people by selecting the chat> tapping the sticker icon> going and getting your stickers, and finally by sending those found in the new pack. This is similar for Android and iOS.