Covid-19 vaccines for pregnant women-things to know

The Ministry of Health says that the available Kovid-19 vaccines are safe and that pregnant women, like other individuals, are protected from the Kovid vaccine.

Covid-19 vaccines for pregnant women – things to know: The Union Ministry of Health has officially announced that pregnant women can now receive the Kovid vaccine. According to this, pregnant women can now be vaccinated by registering through the Covin portal or attending the vaccination center directly.

Why is the Covid-19 vaccine being recommended for pregnant women? – Why is the Kovid-19 vaccine recommended for pregnant women?

The Ministry of Health cites four specific reasons for recommending the Kovid-19 vaccine for pregnant women.

First, current evidence suggests that pregnant women are more likely to develop serious health problems due to Kovid-19 compared to other women.

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Second, the Ministry of Health points out that pregnant women are at higher risk for premature births. And the risk of other adverse pregnancies, such as health problems for the newborn, may be higher, according to a ministry report.

Third, the Ministry says that although most pregnant women have symptoms or mild illness, their health “deteriorates rapidly and can affect the fetus and childbirth.”

Fourth, the World Health Organization recommends that pregnant women be vaccinated if the potential benefits of vaccination outweigh the potential risks of vaccination. “ഗർഭ Pregnant women at high risk of contracting Kovid-19 and pregnant women with other diseases are placed in the high-risk group for severe Kovid-19 infection,” says the World Health Organization.

Are there any side effects of the COVID 19 vaccines that can either harm the pregnant women or her foetus? – Are any of the side effects of the COVID 19 vaccine harmful to pregnant women or unborn babies?

The Ministry of Health says that the Kovid-19 vaccine available in the country is safe and protects pregnant women from Kovid-19 like any other person.

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According to the Ministry of Health’s guidelines, vaccines have not yet been shown to have long – term adverse effects on infants and children.

“Based on current knowledge, experts believe that the Kovid-19 vaccine may not be harmful to the pregnant woman or the unborn child,” the guidelines said.

However, like other drugs, the vaccine usually has mild side effects. These include side effects such as mild fever, pain at the injection site, or feeling sick for 1-3 days.

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The guidelines state that pregnant women rarely experience adverse reactions within 20 days of receiving the vaccine (as much as 1-5 lakh) and that they need immediate medical attention.

What are the rare symptoms to watch out for and that require immediate medical attention? – Side effects that require immediate medical attention

The Ministry of Health has published a list of specific symptoms that require immediate medical attention. They are added below.

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Chest pain
  • Pain when pressing on limbs, or swelling in limbs
  • Bleeding or skin lesions in small incisions other than where the vaccine was taken
  • Persistent abdominal pain with or without vomiting
  • Dizziness or fainting with or without vomiting
  • Weakness / paralysis of limbs on any particular part of the body
  • Persistent vomiting for no apparent reason
  • Blurred vision or pain in the eye

Is there a specific category within the pregnant women, for whom vaccination is not recommended? – Should any group of pregnant women avoid the vaccine?

The specific side effects of the vaccine in pregnant women are usually similar. The following categories of pregnant women should avoid vaccination:

  • People with anaphylactic or allergic reaction to the previous dose of Kovid-19 vaccine.
  • People with anaphylaxis reaction or allergy to vaccines or injectable therapies, pharmaceutical products, or food.

Are they any temporary contraindications for vaccination in pregnancy? – Circumstances in which vaccination should be temporarily postponed

Those diagnosed with Covid-19 should not be vaccinated until 12 weeks after diagnosis, or four to eight weeks after recovery.

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Vaccination should be temporarily avoided for those who have been treated with Kovid-19 monoclonal antibodies or plasma and for those who are currently infected with Kovid-19.

If a pregnant woman already has Covid-19, when should she be vaccinated? – If a pregnant woman already has Covid-19, when should she be vaccinated?

The guidelines state that a woman who is currently pregnant should be vaccinated immediately after delivery if she has the disease.