Covid-19: This Hyderabad company run by women will provide vaccines to Quad countries

The vaccine initiative among the four countries revolves around the pharmaceutical company Biological E.

One of the main lessons from the first Quad Leaders Summit on March 12 was the formation of the Quad Vaccine Initiative, which will form a vaccine supply chain to manufacture Covid-19 vaccines for India, the United States. United, Japan and Australia. Hyderabad’s Biological E. Limited has been selected for this role of producing one billion doses of covid-19 vaccines, while the United States International Development Finance Corporation will provide financial support to Biological E.

Here’s everything you need to know about this Hyderabad-based company.

> Biological E is the world’s largest producer of tetanus vaccine and a major supplier of snake antivenom to India.

> Biological E is a business run by women, which is another reason USDFC chose this business to partner. This advances its gender equality initiative.

> The company started operations in 1953 and became the first private Indian company to enter the vaccine business in 1962.

> Its website says it was created during India’s “Swadeshi movement”. At that time, it was known as Biological Products Pvt Ltd. Its founder was Dr DVK Raju. Mahima Datla, the general manager of the company, is the third generation of the family to run this company.

> In 2019, it started its business operations in the United States.

> Biological E is working on four Covid-19 vaccines. He has partnered with Johnson and Johnson, pharmaceutical company Dynavax Technologies Corporation, Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, and Ohio University for vaccine development.

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