COVID-19 Second Wave Brings New Symptoms, See If You Have Any | Health Info

The second wave of COVID-19 is having drastic effects on the country and has overwhelmed the health sector. The situation is getting worse because the COVID-19 infection is not detected in the RT-PCR test. The double mutant of the coronavirus that cannot be detected by the COVID test exhibits a series of strange symptoms listed below:

1. Sore throat: If you have a stinging, itchy, or swelling throat, this may be a sign of a sore throat, which is one of the most common symptoms of COVID infection. -19. This symptom has been observed in over 52% of cases worldwide.

2. Fatigue: UK experts have revealed that many COVID-19 patients report weakness as one of the first signs of infection. Many people have reported signs of fatigue and weakness before testing positive for the virus.

3. Body pain: Doctors have revealed that many people who tested positive for COVID-19 suffered excruciating body, joint and muscle pain. The main reason for muscle and body pain is myalgia, which is the result of the coronavirus attacking important muscle fibers and tissue linings in your body.

4. Fever and chills: If you experience extreme chills and an unusual cold, this could indicate that you have been infected with the virus. Fever and chills are common symptoms with the mutant virus.

5. Nausea and vomiting: Nausea and vomiting are now considered signs of early COVID-19 infection.

6. Dizziness: Many people have reported experiencing neurological symptoms of COVID-19 infection such as dizziness, fatigue, faintness, and nausea.

7. No saliva production: Your body does not produce saliva, which experts say protects your mouth from bad bacteria. Additionally, people with these symptoms may have trouble chewing their food or speaking properly.

One of the Faculty of Genetic Epidemiology at King’s College London, Professor Tim Spector, took to his Twitter account to reveal that: “One in five people with Covid still have less common symptoms that are not listed not on the official list of PHE – like rashes. Seeing an increasing number of Covid tongues and strange mouth ulcers. If you have a strange symptom or even just a headache and fatigue, stay home! “

So if you experience any of the symptoms listed above, don’t panic, get checked out and stay home.

Meanwhile, the global COVID-19 workload has passed the 140 million mark, with the United States the most affected country, followed by India.