Coronavirus Symptoms: These People May Spread COVID-19 Faster Than Others, Study Finds

COVID-19 is spread from person to person via respiratory droplets that collect on surfaces, which then spread when a person touches the contaminated surface, then their mouth, nose or eyes. It can also be spread through the air if an infected person nearby sneezes or coughs.

While it is very easy for anyone to spread coronavirus, and just as easy for one to catch the virus, throughout the pandemic we have seen that only a few people or categories of people are responsible for the massive spread. virus. virus. Simply put, while some spread the virus to a few, there are others who risk infecting huge groups or spreading the virus at the community level.

These are what scientists define as “super-diffusers” of the virus, or simply, a super-transmitter of infection.

While what exactly makes a person a super-spreader has not been studied, epidemiologists believe that how a virus or pathogen spreads is influenced by certain factors, including attributes like the shape of his or her. body, and some breathing quickly, seem to have a major role in the spread of the disease.

The factors mentioned above can also determine how some people can silently transmit the virus to others.

In fact, the discoveries of the super-spreader group also come at an interesting time, when the new variants, believed to be more transmissible and much more infectious, are making deadly waves around the world.

Studies show that people are currently at the highest risk of spreading the disease.