Controversial law: Dissent passed unanimously … Same voice for farmers – KERALA – GENERAL


Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala is the unanimous voice of opposition in the central agricultural laws. BJP member O.K. It was passed unanimously by the Assembly with the support of Rajagopal.

In the resolution presented by Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, it is demanded that the reasonable demands of the farmers should be accepted and all the three controversial laws should be repealed. KC asked the opposition to include in the resolution that they were protesting against the Prime Minister’s direct intervention and failure to resolve the issue. Joseph’s amendment was unanimously rejected by the Church. The CM pointed out that there was criticism in the content about the central approach and there was no need to mention the Prime Minister in particular. The CM also said that the possibility of alternative legislation in the state was being explored.

BJP member O Rajagopal opposed the thematic references to agricultural laws. He later voted in favor of the resolution, saying it would be good for the farmers.

The resolution said that the central law was having a huge impact and farmers were worried that even the current support price for food grains would be lost. The bargaining power of farmers will be weakened in the face of corporate powers. The resolution also pointed out that there are no provisions for legal protection for farmers.

Speaking in the absence of the Leader of the Opposition, Deputy Leader of the Congress KC said that food self-sufficiency in the country would be eliminated. Joseph said. The Center passed the rules 100 days ago. He said that when the House convened so late, alternative legislation should have been enacted on the Punjab model, not just a function.

The BJP was shocked

Rajetan in the church

O. in the Assembly in support of the Modi government’s resolution against agricultural laws. When Rajagopal raised his hand, the BJP was shocked. Although he praised the central laws during the debate, he also joined hands with members of the opposition when the resolution was passed. He later explained to the media that it was not right to oppose the resolution against the Center just because he was a BJP member and that it was in the democratic spirit to stand together.

Meanwhile, Rajagopal was overthrown in the afternoon after the incident became controversial. Rajagopal said in a press release that he was not against the central laws or the central government and accused the speaker of being a mess. “It is a violation of the norms to single-handedly discriminate between the pros and cons during the polls,” he said.