Congress Keeps Post-Poll Option With TMC Open | India News

KOLKATA: Bengal Congress longtime and chef Mamata banerjee bait Adhir Chowdhury refused to rule out the “possibility” of a post-election rapprochement between the Congress-Left-Indian Secular Front alliance and TMC.
“Politics is the art of the possible,” he said on Wednesday, quoting Bismarck, when asked if Congress would support Mamata if his party did not have a majority in the assembly polls. . “It’s a hypothetical question. The Sanjukta Morcha aims to perform its functions on its own. I do not know now who will support our Sanjukta Morcha after the election. We don’t know where Mamata will go if she loses, ”he said.
Congressman from Malda (South) and former ABA party loyalist Gani Khan Chowdhury, brother of AH Khan Chowdhury, has already advocated congressional support for the TMC if the latter does not reach halfway in the assembly of 294 members.
A section of state congressmen said Chowdhury’s comment could have targeted the party’s minority voting base in north and central Bengal. He may also be sending the message that Congress would do everything possible to keep BJP absent from the office in Bengal.