Complete closure today and tomorrow; No public transportation, no vehicle allowed | Kerala | Deshabhimani

Complete closure on Saturday and Sunday in the state to reduce the spread of Kovid. Thirty out of 80 local bodies above TPR 18 (D category). Exams will be held. Only 15 people at a time in places of worship. Vehicle will not be allowed. There will be no public transportation. KSRTC will provide services to those in the essential services sector. The exemptions will continue from Monday.

Saturday and Sunday discounts

● Hotels and restaurants only home delivery from 7am to 7pm
കട Shops selling food, milk, vegetables, fruits, groceries, fish and meat from 7 am to 7 pm
Parcel only in toddy shops
The construction work can be done by notifying the police station

Why weekend control

The weekend closure, which plays a key role in the defense, began with the start of Kovid’s second wave. Saturday and Sunday are the days when the public is most likely to go out. Strict control can prevent the spread of the disease that can occur these days. Restrictions apply after five consecutive days of exemptions.

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