Color rebirth for the image in the first picture; Mammootty thanks the artist

Mammootty shares rare pictures and memories from the first movie. Mammootty will be making his acting debut in KS Sethumadhavan’s Anubhavangal Palichakal. Mammootty played the role of a junior artiste in the film. Sathyan and Nazir played the lead roles in the film. A fan has now painted his never before seen picture of Mammootty in the film.

Mammootty’s post was about thanking the fan who recognized his character in the movie and screen grabbed it. Mammootty shared the joy of being able to act in a movie with the great actor Sathyan.

“Thanks so much to the person who did this! This is the screen grab of my first appearance in the film. The color was corrected from black and white. I had the rare opportunity to be with Sathyan Mash in a movie. Mammootty mentions

Many people including stars came with comments for Mammootty’s film.

Content Highlights: Mammootty Shares rare pic from his first Movie as Junior Artist Anubavangal Palichakal