Collided with an opponent; Mumbai star injured in ISL final

Collided with an opponent

Amay Ranawade / Twitter

Madgaon: Mumbai City FC defender Amay Ranawade has been ruled out of the final of the Indian Super League with a serious injury. ATK Mohan Bagan collided with forward Roy Krishna and the player fell to the ground. Ranawade, who fell, suddenly suffered shortness of breath. He was injured in the first half of the final.

Immediately, the medical team rushed to the spot and gave first aid. Ranawade’s injury came as a huge shock to the players and others.

Everyone was moved to tears by the sight of Ranawade lying on the ground without catching his breath. Doctors rushed the star to the hospital for specialist treatment without wasting too much time. The players clashed in the last minute of the first half.