cold case movie review prithiraj aditi balan movie could not able satisfy audience what they promising in promos | Cold Case Movie Review: Suspense thriller but Cold Case is not great

Kochi Prithviraj (Crime Prithviraj) is a recent crime thriller.Prithviraj) The Cold Case that becomes the central character (Cold Case) Can be considered .. When the little thriller with the usual refrain crime thriller arrives for the memoir, it is safe to say that something that the audience was waiting for was lost somewhere.

The film manages to entertain as well as inform. Because the investigation of the film and the climax of it, the activists do not understand what is meant. If you ask what you mean by this movie the producers will see the answer but will never go 100 percent and satisfy even 50 percent of the audience.

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It may be the best of the recent Malayalam thriller films, but it’s possible to add the Cold Case to the list. At first the horror was ahead of the thriller, but later the horror turned to something else. Being able to balance this is considered a no-brainer by the film’s line-up.

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A drama that seemed at the beginning of the film was later combined with horror and thriller, but that dramatic drama helped the audience to forget. Frightened, of course. But the accompanying background music seems a bit rocky. In the meanwhile, the song that came up from somewhere made the audience click the forward button with a bang.

Although the story has a suspenseful context that captivates the audience a bit, it seems that the film is fast approaching its climax. What later became a stumbling block was the performance of two senior officials. There were very few scenes but the forgotten drama in the thrilling nature of the film was manifested through them again.

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When all is said and done, the film ends with a line-up of answers. Where should the audience stand on the side of logic or lack of logic? To say that it is no longer up to the audience would be an answer that does not fit another logic,

Sea Hindustan Malayalam Cold Case Rating – 3/5

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