Cold Case Malayalam Movie Review: Prithviraj Sukumaran starring is a thriller Movie | Cold Case: Like the name .. Cold .. Frozen .. Freezing .. – Shailen Review

The events in the Cold Case begin with two sides. Divorced journalist Medha rents a new house and starts living there. And there is a four-and-a-half-year-old mole and a housekeeper. On one side are the mysteries, mysteries, and mystical experiences of that home. It also focuses on flashbacks to Medha’s marital problems and the peculiarities of Koch’s and maids’ behavior.

The second cell is a case investigation process. Someone throwing a net into the lake gets a skull from the garbage cover that falls into the net. Forensic examination revealed that it was a woman’s scab and was only a year old. ACP Satyajit also comes up with an inquiry into who died and who / why / when / why / where. Its transactions take a side ..

The film is meant to be a cocktail blend that mixes murder investigation and horror mysteries with Prithviraj. But when they came together, nothing really bothered them. The film manages to capture the essence of the movie in about ten minutes, with its catchy scenes, dramatic situations and outdated dialogues.

The ghost and the fridge are full of blood and water. It was a tragedy again due to the pathetic nature of the scripting, care and performance.

The murder investigation from zero, which begins in the skull of the deceased without knowing who it was, was an item that was meant to evoke excitement and excitement in the audience alike. That, in turn, wasted no time in throwing it away due to lack of logic and careless handling. The protagonist unequivocally declares that he wants to stand with reason in the conflict of ideas between faith and reason, but even the spot seems to rely on feelings and God’s intervention without working the brain.

There is no answer to the question as to why Prithviraj, who did the class and the Mumbai Police and Memories, handed over this cold case to the police. ACP Satyajit has nothing special to do. It often seems as if this IPS car has nothing else to do with it. The look is good. But that is not to say that the audience is watching .. Aditi Balan is the other main party, journalist Medha. Just say OK .. Anil Nedumangad is in Satyajit’s team as CI Siad.

There are a lot of characters and anecdotes coming and going, both necessary and unnecessary. It does not benefit the film in any way except to create confusion in the audience. None of the brilliant press works. Not a single department of the film can be said to have excelled. The name is quite synonymous. Everyone has taken this case as cold. It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring. No matter what you call it, it’s an old case.