City Councilors close DMO office: Nattu Visesham

City Councilor Mar DMO Office

Tuesday, June 22, 2021 10:25 PM IST

Construction: Government builds city on distribution of covid vaccine The city council has accused the government of ignoring fear. The nuns held a dharna in front of the DMO office.
The lowest number of vaccines received since the day the vaccination began The councilors blamed the hospital on the construction. More than 1800 people who received the first Dosco Shield 80 days ago received the second dose. More than 12,000 people have registered online for the first dose. Waiting for.
Town Hall City Building for the Opening of a Permanent Vaccination Center Prepare food and take action with the help of those who need it. Activity due to non-receipt of vaccine after completion and completion Unable to find.

Municipal Chairperson and Chairman of the Health Standing Committee The situation will be reported to the Virgil Medical Office directly. More and more vaccines are being used as a source of political interference. The senators blamed it. Dear, Deputy DMO Suresh Varghese Done. Vaccination is set to begin in the town hall of Kattappana from today. നിച്ചു. The superintendent of the DMO, Dr. Kant also discussed.
Municipal Councilors Raja Manoj Murali, CB Parpai, Adv. K.J. Benny, Joey Anithottam, Rajan Kalachira and Prashant Raju are the co-stars. The strike was held in front of the DMO office in compliance with the norms.