Chrome Commander will show common commands as you type

Google is experimenting with a new feature in Chrome that will make it easier to access browser features and settings with just a few simple touches. This new feature, called Commander, is currently available in Chrome Canary 91. Google describes it as a “text interface to common Chrome functionality”.

The Commander’s Purpose (via Techdows) is to allow you to quickly perform various navigation actions without having to remember or press delicate key combinations. It acts as a universal search bar for all browser shortcuts, menus, settings, etc. To access the Commander, you must first activate its functionality indicator. To do this, type chrome: // flags / in the address bar, and from there, search for Commander. Once you’ve located it, turn on its flag and relaunch Chrome. Now hold the Ctrl key and press the space bar. A small contextual search bar will open at the top.

As soon as you start typing letters into this box, a drop-down menu will bring up a list of actions, commands, and settings that match your letter. For example, if I type “g”, I get suggestions to open New Google Meet, New Google Form, New Google Sheet, View Settings, etc. Likewise, if I enter “o”, I get “Open bookmark”, Open recently closed tab, Open file, Zoom out, and so on. Clicking on any of these suggestions will perform the given activity or task.

The Commander’s search bar hovers at the top and can be summoned from any screen. If you are unfamiliar with the various esoteric browser combinations and shortcut keys, Commander can certainly make your browsing life easier.

Chrome Commander is very similar in concept to Chrome Action, which allows users to perform common actions such as deleting browsing data, opening incognito mode, translating a page, etc. directly from the address bar.

The Commander is available in Chrome Canary 92 for Windows, Linux, and Mac.