China cracks down on protesters; It’s been a year since Hong Kong’s National Security Act came into force

Hong Kong: It has been one year since the implementation of human rights violations in Hong Kong. China’s national security law is enforced on the people of Hong Kong. The process of arresting or shot in each -egorporate individuals protested.

Global protests against China’s action continue. Hong Kong gradually came under Chinese rule from British rule. As a global economic city, China has prevented all the nations of the world from freely intervening and investing. The clever city was skillfully taken over by China.

Britain handed over power to the Hong Kong government. As part of the Chinese Communist Party’s austerity measures, all forms of government were made Chinese. All the advisers belong to China. The first to do so was to directly obey China, a woman named Carrie Lam, the ruler of Hong Kong. China’s move began in 2003.

Even in the elections in Hong Kong, Communist China did not allow its opponents to contest. So far, 117 people have been arrested and jailed. At the same time, Britain, the United States and other European countries tried to avoid interfering in Hong Kong’s laws or domestic affairs. China’s efforts to prevent Hong Kong citizens from being influenced have become a serious human rights violation. China shut down media and jailed media chiefs.

A move is underway to rehabilitate British citizens Hong Kong residents in the UK against China’s move. Many emigrated to Britain. Many were confiscated under Chinese law, including Chinese passports. The people have been in crisis for a year now as the rest of the world is constantly advocating for Hong Kong against China.