China builds nuclear weapons; Concerned America

Washington: The United States says China is building nuclear weapons on a large scale. Washington State Department spokesman Ned Price has expressed concern over China’s abandonment of the game.

The information coming out of China is not pleasant at all. China is building more and more nuclear weapons. This is a much worse situation than one would expect from a country globally. Secret information is being leaked that calls into question China’s intentional purity. “China is acting in defiance of the decisions taken by all countries in the world to control nuclear weapons,” Price said.

An international media outlet has reported that hundreds of missiles have been deployed in the western desert of China. China’s move was identified by the James Martin Center, the U.S. nuclear non – proliferation research center in California. China’s military preparations were discovered through satellite imagery. Researchers describe it as the most advanced and historic achievement in China’s arsenal. Their calculations confirm that China has increased its number of nuclear missiles from 250 to 350.