China administered 65 million doses of the vaccine at home

BEIJING: A Chinese official said the country has administered nearly 65 million doses of the coronavirus vaccine to its citizens as part of plans to vaccinate up to 80% of its entire population of 1.4 billion inhabitants.
Teams have been dispatched across the country to oversee vaccinations and are working with targeted groups on a schedule, National Health Commission vice chairman Li Bin told reporters at a press conference on Monday.
China has been slower on its vaccination campaign than many other countries, including the United States, while committing around 10 times more doses abroad than it has distributed at home. The lack of urgency is in part due to the virtual elimination of cases of local spread.
With four vaccines approved, China plans to vaccinate 900 million to 1 billion people by the summer of 2022, seeking to establish herd immunity to stop the uncontrolled spread of an infectious disease like Covid-19.
China announced Friday that it will waive the Covid-19 test and health form requirement for foreigners applying for visas to the mainland from Hong Kong if they have been vaccinated with a vaccine made in China.
Also last week, the Foreign Ministry launched a health certificate for international travel that includes a Covid-19 test and serum antibody results, as well as vaccination and other health information. . It is not known how it will be implemented.